2008 Iditarod race map (static)

February 29, 2008 

See below for details about each checkpoint.

1) Anchorage

Ceremonial start, Saturday March 1, 10 a.m.

2) Willow

Race restart, Sunday March 2, 2 p.m.

3) Skwentna

All mushers hit this checkpoint at junction of Skwentna and Yentna rivers the first night of the race. As many as 40 teams may be camped here.

4) Finger Lake

After Finger Lake comes the treacherous descent down Happy River Gorge.

5) Rainy Pass

At 3,771 feet, the highest point on the trail. Checkpoint is on Puntilla Lake.

6) Rohn

Was an original Iditarod roadhouse for dog teams carrying mail. Roadhouse is gone, replaced by a cabin built in the 1930s.

7) Nikolai

Village of about 100 people at end of bumpy 75-mile run across the Farewell Burn

8) McGrath

One of the larger towns (population 347) along the trail.

9) Takotna

Pretty, welcoming village known for its fresh pies. Favored spot to take 24-hour layover.

10) Ophir

Ghost town.

11) Cripple

Abandoned mining town and race's halfway point. First musher gets $3,000.

12) Ruby

Town of 185 is first checkpoint on Yukon River. First musher gets gourmet dinner. Next 150 miles on Yukon River.

13) Galena

Site of a former Air Force base.

14) Nulato

At confluence of Yukon and Nulato rivers.

15) Kaltag

Mushers leave Yukon River at village of 230. Rugged 90-mile Kaltag Portage to Unalakleet awaits.

16) Unalakleet

The biggest town (population 747) between Anchorage and Nome and the first on Norton Sound.

17) Shaktoolik

Hurricane-velocity winds and ground blizzards can cut visibility to zero quickly. Trail crosses Norton Sound to Koyuk.

18) Koyuk

Once to Koyuk, the rest of the trail is over land. Just 171 miles to Nome.

19) Elim

Checkpoint normally sheltered from the wind.

20) Golovin

Trail runs straight for much of the way to White Mountain, then crosses Fish River delta.

21) White Mountain

Mushers take final mandatory rest here, an eight-hour stop. 77 miles to Nome.

22) Safety

Last checkpoint, 22 miles from finish.

23) Nome


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