No votes go to the GOP race

HUGHES: Tally in final precinct gains nothing for Parnell or Young.

August 29, 2008 

The votes from Hughes came in Thursday, but they didn't add much to the tight race between U.S. Rep. Don Young and Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell.

Didn't add anything, actually.

According to the state Division of Elections Web site, 37 of the 63 registered voters in Hughes went to the polls Tuesday, and 36 of them voted in the U.S. House primaries. The results:

• Democrat Ethan Berkowitz: 14

• Democrat Diane Benson: 13

• Alaskan Independent Don Wright: 8

• Republican Gabrielle LeDoux: 1

• Republican Sean Parnell: 0

• Republican Don Young: 0

Only three voters in Hughes are registered Republicans and were eligible to vote in the Republican primary.

Along with the votes from Hughes, a Koyukuk River village where the phone service had been out this week, the vote totals Thursday also grew some through the late arrival of 53 votes cast on a touch screen machine in Yakutat.

Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai said polling clerks in Yakutat sent the memory card from that machine to Juneau, and the votes were uploaded and added to the totals Thursday morning.

Each precinct has one of the touch screen voting machines that is primarily for the use of people with disabilities -- a federal requirement -- although they are available to any voter, Fenumiai said.

Typically, results from the touch screen machines are uploaded on election night. If that doesn't work, clerks are supposed to call in results, but, "there are 10 others we haven't heard from yet," she said.

Generally, the touch screen machines are little used, Fenumiai said.

Several thousand absentee and questioned ballots also remain to be counted.

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