Average hockey mom?

October 26, 2008 

$150,000 -- Amount the Republican National Committee spent on clothes for Sarah Palin at stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue

$21,012 -- Amount Palin charged the state for travel by her daughters on "official" state business

2 -- Nights that Palin's daughters spent at state expense in a Fairbanks hotel so they could be present when dad finished the Iron Dog snowmachine race

$707 -- Cost the state paid, per night, for the New York City hotel where Palin and her daughter stayed

0 -- Times Tony Knowles says he billed the state for "official" travel by his school-age children during his eight years in office

$17,000 -- Per diem Palin collected from the state when working from her home in Wasilla instead of Juneau

$0 -- Federal taxes the Palins have paid on that per diem or state reimbursements for their daughters' travel

55% -- Respondents who said Palin was not qualified to serve as president if necessary, according to an Oct. 22 poll

Sources: Daily News wire services.

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