9 trips Gov. Palin took with her children

February 24, 2009 

The settlement between Gov. Sarah Palin and investigator Tim Petumenos highlights nine trips -- or portions of trips -- made by members of Palin's family at state expense.

Here is the travel Petumenos and Palin focused on, based on information from the agreement and state travel records.

• Jan. 26, 2007: The state paid about $13 for Palin's daughter Bristol to go to opening night of "Beauty and the Beast" at the Valley Performing Arts Center, according Palin's lawyer, Thomas Van Flein. A travel form filed by Palin says the governor was scheduled to attend the show too, as a narrator.

• April 18- 22, 2007: Willow Palin flew round-trip between Juneau and Anchorage for a trio of events, including an Alaska Moose Federation banquet with the governor.

• May 6-7, 2007: Palin's three daughters joined the governor in the Southeast town of Skagway for a potluck dinner and to attend a "community reception" for the Palin family. Travel forms list no hotel costs, saying the family stayed for free at a local lodge.

• May 9-10, 2007. Willow and Piper flew with the governor round-trip to Cordova on a state-owned King Air propeller plane for the taping of a documentary on shorebirds. Palin spoke to the local chamber of commerce while in town, according to travel forms.

• Oct. 7-11, 2007. Bristol traveled with Palin to New York for Newsweek's Third Annual Women and Leadership Conference. Her airfare cost $1,385, plus $38 for a meal. Travel forms say she stayed at the $707-a-night Jumeirah Essex House with the governor.

• Jan. 12, 2008: Willow and Piper flew to Juneau for the governor's state of the state speech on the state's King Air.

• Feb. 8-10, 2008. The state paid $540 for Piper to fly round-trip from Juneau to Anchorage, according to travel forms. She went to the start of the Tesoro Iron Dog race, where Todd Palin was a competitor, and an Alaska Outdoor Council Banquet with the governor, according to travel forms. (Petumenos's report says Piper traveled with Palin on a state plane.)

• April 10, 2008. Piper flew commercially from Juneau to Anchorage at a cost of $276 for a Curves ribbon-cutting ceremony and a bill signing.

• July 9-15, 2008: Bristol and Piper fly with the governor to the National Governors Association meeting in Philadelphia, at a cost of $1,449. They shared a room for five nights for a total of $1,077, according to the travel forms cited by Petumenos.

-- Kyle Hopkins (khopkins@adn.com)

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