Croft, Sullivan comment on Knik bridge and other projects

April 30, 2009 

Editor's note: Anchorage mayoral candidates Eric Croft and Dan Sullivan responded to a Daily News/ questionnaire in late February. Here is how they answered some of the questions.

Q. Should the city support construction of a Knik Arm bridge? Why or why not? Sullivan: As Anchorage runs out of developable land, the opportunity to own a home with a decent size lot will be in the Valley. The bridge will allow increased industrial development, since Anchorage has virtually no remaining industrial land base. It will provide a crucial alternative route to the Glenn Highway for commuters and for the north bound truck traffic that currently goes through downtown. It will be a great economic stimulus project, creating numerous jobs.

Croft: The current proposal would cause too much harm to our downtown core and nearby neighborhoods. I oppose it. I am open to other bridge proposals if they are feasible and protect downtown.

Q. Should the city help pay the cost of operating a morning and evening commuter train between Mat-Su and the Anchorage train station? If so, how should the city provide transportation for commuters from the train station to jobs in other parts of town? Sullivan: Not at this time. There may be a time when the projected usage will make a commuter rail system viable. Since this would be an alternative to the state maintained Glenn Highway, the cost should be a state responsibility, working in conjunction with the Alaska Railroad.

Croft: Yes, as long as it makes fiscal sense to do so. Existing public transportation can be used to provide transportation from train stations to other parts of town.

Q. Rank the following from highest importance to lowest importance if you become mayor: Sullivan: 1. Adding police officers.

2. Reducing bonded debt.

3. Completing the Port of Anchorage expansion.

4. Ensuring competitive pay for city workers.

5. Expanding city run recycling and composting programs.

6. Extending the Coastal Trail.

Croft: 1. Adding police officers.

2. Reducing bonded debt.

3. Extending the Coastal Trail.

4. Ensuring competitive pay for city workers.

5. Expanding city-run recycling and composting programs.

6. Completing the Port of Anchorage expansion.

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