Palin wants missile defense funding restored

May 29, 2009 

Gov. Sarah Palin is calling for President Obama to take a firm stance against North Korea and defend the states and territories of the United States and allies on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea fired a short-range missile on Friday -- the sixth this week. Military experts believe a long-range missile could reach Alaska, where part of the nation's missile defense system is located.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates will tour the missile defense site at Fort Greely, near Fairbanks, on Monday.

The Defense Department is not recommending moving forward with a planned expansion of the missile defense system at Fort Greely in its latest budget.

"The United Nations sanctions have failed to stop North Korea's development of nuclear weapons, and the Obama Administration cannot afford to be playing catch-up to an irrational dictator like Kim Jong-Il," Palin said in a written statement.

"Missile Defense Agency funding must be fully restored in the federal budget to guarantee our protective measures remain the best in the world. Fort Greely plays a crucial role in the nation's security."

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