100 miles is a day's work for McDonough

August 6, 2009 

Laura McDonough and Eliseo Marquez each needed less than a day to complete last week's Resurrection Pass 100-Miler.

McDonough, a runner from Anchorage, won the event in 21 hours, 58 minutes. Marquez was next in 22:45.

Jessie Berwald of Bozeman, Mont., won the 50-mile race in 7 hours 43 minute, edging Thomas Burton by a minute. Amy Schenck was third, and the top woman, in 9:04.

Resurrection Pass 100-Miler

1) Laura McDonough 21:58, 2) Eliseo Marquez 22:45, 3) Pete Mitchell 26:16, 4) Mark Jolin 27:17.

Resurrection Pass 50-Miler

1) Jessie Berwald 7:43; 2) Thomas Burton 7:44; 3) Amy Schenck 9:04; 4) Kyle Amstadter 9:09; 5) Dave Bass 9:18; 6) Bernadette Martel 9:37; 7) Britta Brecheen 10:17 minutes; 8) Lee Helzer 10:33; 9) Ed Bennett 11:42; 10) Mike Morganson 11:42; 11) Brian Dales 12:24; 12) Kim Meck 14:10; 13) Nicholas Storch 14:11.

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