Bail for accused police officer remains at $100,000 cash

20 CHARGES: Judge won't allow Rollins' wife to be custodian.

August 14, 2009 

An Anchorage police officer accused of multiple sexual assaults was still in jail Friday after a judge refused to lower his bail from $100,000 cash.

Judge Philip Volland also refused to allow the wife of suspended Officer Anthony Rollins to be in charge of him should he make bail, according to district attorney Adrienne Bachman.

Rollins' wife, Denise, is also a police officer with the Anchorage Police Department. She had applied to be her husband's "third-party custodian" if he were released on bail.

Two of the victims' mothers attended the afternoon bail review and read statements about the impact of the alleged crimes, Bachman said.

Rollins is accused of sexually assaulting six women over a span of three years. Some of the 20 charges against him say he abused his official position to commit the crimes.

Rollins, 41, has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Defense attorney David Weber argued in a written filing that the bail amount should be reduced because his client is not a flight risk. Among the reasons given was that Rollins did not run in April when he first found out he was under suspicion of committing a sexual assault.

The investigation into Rollins began on April 16. He was immediately put on administrative leave from the police department and required to submit DNA evidence.

His home was searched, and police seized as evidence his underwear and a police uniform, according to search warrant records.

Weber said Rollins left the state on a family vacation in June and returned even though he knew he was under investigation.

Weber tried to convince Volland to reduce Rollins' bail to an amount that would require him to post only $1,000 cash with a bail bondsman.

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