Alaska Permanent Fund dividend checks will be $1,305

September 23, 2009 

Gov. Sean Parnell holds up the amount of the 2009 Permanent Fund Dividend in an announcement at Town Square Park in Anchorage Sept. 23, 2009.


Gov. Sean Parnell's announcement that eligible Alaskans will get a $1,305 dividend this year from the Alaska Permanent Fund prompted smiles and applause from a small group that gathered on a bracing autumn afternoon at Town Square in downtown Anchorage to witness what has become an annual ritual.

"Can I have the envelope please," the governor joked.

The payment - Alaskans' share of the state's oil income - is less than last year's $2,069, an all-time record, but still an impressive payout given the poor investment environment faced by the fund last year.

The dividend pot is based on a five-year average of fund earnings.

The previous high was $1,963.86 back in 2000.

"Don't spend it all in one place," Parnell cautioned, again with a smile.

Those who requested direct deposit will find the money in their bank accounts on Oct. 8. The rest will be mailed starting about a week later.

About 657,000 Alaskans applied for the dividend this year, according to Debbie Bitney, director of the Permanent Fund dividend Division. Roughly $850 million will be distributed.

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