Sixth-grade teacher will hit Iditarod Trail

May 13, 2010 

North Carolina teacher Martha Dobson has been named the Teacher on the Trail for next year's Iditarod.

A sixth-grade teacher at Mount Pleasant Middle School, Dobson teaches sixth grade English and language arts.

After experiencing the race as an IditaRider and attending an Iditarod Teacher Conference in Alaska, Dobson said her experiences sparked an interest like none other in her students.

"The challenge the race presents to mushers, dogs, students, and me is a metaphor for the challenges of life and life opportunities," she said in a press release.

As the 13th teacher on the trail, Dobson will develop curriculum as well as an online Iditarod journal. During the race, she will fly between checkpoints, sharing her online observations to students and teachers around the world.

Dobson will preview her curriculum at the Summer Camp for Educators to be held in Wasilla June 20-28 and at the Iditarod winter conference for teachers in March.

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