Wine of the week: 2008 Hedges CMS

May 20, 2010 

In the mid-'80s Tom and Anne Marie Hedges broke into the wine trade. Luck or superior vision put them with 50 acres on Washington state's Red Mountain. The Hedges are known for Bordeaux style reds, but they also produce a fantastic white. Their CMS is 77 percent Sauvignon Blanc, 22 percent Chardonnay and 2 percent Marsanne. The 2008 has a good amount of aroma pressure that shows off the complex fruits of this interesting mix; grapefruit-citrus from the Sauvignon Blanc and apple-lactic from the Chardonnay are fresh and vibrant. In the mouth, focused citrus runs lemon-lime with good mid pallet weight. Firm and lengthy this is one of the best white blends I've come across. An excellent precursor to any fancy feed you might be planning this summer. Costs about $15.

-- Mike McVittie reviews wines available locally

Wine of the week: 2008 Hedges CMS

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