Contemporary art show a hit with frugal buyers

DEALS: All work in the collect art show is priced under $500.

May 22, 2010 

Julie Decker's "Lucky Rabbits" is in the 100 x 100 show.

The May art shows at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art appear to be succeeding in their purpose -- getting people to buy modern art.

Actually, in a world where Jasper Johns' 1960 encaustic and paper collage rendition of the American flag just brought $28.6 million at auction, maybe people should be snatching up contemporary art like lottery tickets. But the world doesn't work that way and the average modern artist spends a lot of time wondering when they'll get a sale.

The shows at the International make a proactive move by offering new art by several of Alaska's edgier living artists at fire sale prices. In the main gallery, everything in the "Collect Art" show is priced at $500 or less. In the guest room, there's the "100 x 100" show with everything priced at no more than around $100. Some of the sales benefit the nonprofit gallery.

Artists taking part in May's shows at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art

Michael Gerace Jimmy Riordan Sonya Kelliher-Combs Denise Heimel Todd Sherman Meg Fowler Ted Kim Keren Lowell Linda Infante Lyons Duke Russell Julie Decker Don Decker Don Mohr Michele Suchland Rachelle Dowdy Sandy Gillespie Jsun Parizo Mariano Gonzales Darian LaTocha Sharon Ennis Wanda Seamster Randall Carlson Sheary Clough Suiter Kim Marcucci Ashley Kelley Sheila Wyne Pat Adolfae Gina Hollomon Jessica Brown Esther Hong

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