Teen's first-day 40-pounder wins Salmon Derby

June 20, 2010 

Sixteen-year-old Chaunti Hall won this boat, motor and trailer with a 42.91-pound king salmon, earning her the top spot in the Downtown Soup Kitchen's Slam'n Salm'n derby at Ship Creek near downtown Anchorage. From left, her father Carey Hall, Sean Hartman, mother Lorine Hall and brother Ed Hall, 14, prepare to tow her winnings away after the derby ended Sunday. Hartman won the Andy Sorensen Sportmanship Award for helping Chaunti land her big fish. Chaunti was unable to attend the awards ceremony on Sunday, June 20, 2010, because she was in Georgia.


Carey Hall of Eagle River planned to eat a Father's Day dinner of king salmon curry Sunday to celebrate his 16-year-old daughter's win in the 2010 Slam'n Salm'n King Salmon Derby.

The annual fundraiser ended at 3 p.m. with teenager Chaunti Hall claiming first prize in the pro division for a 42.91-pound king she caught on opening day. Among her winnings: A 16-foot boat, 25-horsepower motor and trailer.

"We go camping every year. I'm going to take it down to Kenai with us," Hall said in a phone interview from Georgia, where she traveled for a friend's Sweet 16 party.

Anchorage angler Sean Hartman gave the teen cured roe to use as bait and aided in the winning catch. "I was helping her hold the pole and she was reeling it up," he said.

The salmon derby typically raises $30,000 to $50,000 in ticket sales, merchandise and sponsorships for the Downtown Soup Kitchen, said executive director Holly Lawson.

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