Jones holds lead

July 14, 2010 

Keith Jones won the Thunderstocks division at North Star Speedway on Saturday, extending his overall points lead over Jim Langland. Jones' first place finish in the feature race helped him earn 173 points, surpassing Langland's 169 and pushing his season points total to 1,506 compared to Langland's 1,418.

Aaron Creech won the Legends division last weekend, but Jeff Landrum still leads the overall points race for the division. Landrum is 27 points ahead of Mike Thomas.

North Star Speedway results

Legend cars -- 1) Aaron Creech, 161 points; 2) Mike Thomas, 160; 3) Kelly Sawyer, 143.

Thunder Stocks -- 1) Keith Jones, 173; 2) Jim Langland, 169; 3) Gene Smith, 159.

Mini Stocks -- 1) Alex Schwochert, 168; 2) Brandon Gross, 166; 3) Jim Menard, 165.

Bandoleros -- 1) Carly Meacham, 175; 2) Demi McDonald, 167; 3) Will McDonald, 159.

Baby Grand -- 1) Larry Theobald, 174; 2) Jeff Landrum, 168; 3) Jim Menard, 157.

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