Bear invades Trapper Creek pizzeria, spills beer everywhere

August 24, 2010 

A bear tore a wall off a trailer near Trapper Creek this month.


The Parks Highway community of Trapper Creek seems to have been hit unusually hard this summer by delinquent bears. The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman reports that bears have gutted a trailer used for food storage, raided a feed shed and climbed through a pizzeria window.

"I've had many calls on bears, both black and brown, in the Trapper Creek area," said Alaska State Wildlife Trooper Dan Valentine.

Which, he said, is saying something. Trapper Creek isn't the type of community where residents will call for a trooper unless the bear is really not behaving himself.

"A bear wandering through your yard in Trapper Creek is normal. A bear tearing down your shed isn't normal," Valentine said.

The black bear that raided the pizzeria was shot inside the establishment and, before he died, ran across a bar counter and turned on all the beer taps. "I just had blood and glass and beer all over," the owner told The Frontiersman.

And here's another tale from the Alaska bear beat: Craig Medred reports at Alaska Dispatch on a grizzly encounter involving a hot-tubbing former Gov. Frank Murkowski and wife Nancy at their Interior cabin.

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