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September 23, 2010 

What are some of the advantages of planning a fall vacation? Many hotels offer special packages to entice travelers with lower rates during the off season, and with the cooler months also comes reduced crowds. Plan a trip before Thanksgiving for optimal savings and no-hassle flight planning.


A new kind of family fun can be found in visiting a corn maze. Many corn fields across the U.S. have turned acres of corn into complicated labyrinths for your enjoyment. It's cheap entertainment and great for kids.

On certain nights in September, October and November, Universal Studios in Florida is transformed for Halloween. Mutants and monsters roam the streets in search of tourists to terrorize.

Once a year the people of Mexico welcome the return of the spirits of loved ones with extravagant celebrations full of music, food, flowers and pilgrimages to grave sites for Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.

Every year Hawaii celebrates it's culture and history with festivals on all the islands throughout the months of September and October. The 2010 theme is "Mele Ailana," Celebrate Island Music.

Check out some great autumn tours and tips for traveling to Europe in the fall. It's harvest time at may wineries, from France to Italy, and with that comes celebrations and lots of vino to sample.

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"Leaf peepers enjoy Maine's vibrant autumn leaves and fall colors, gazing upon lovely green pines and vivid blue-greens of the pristine lake against towering mountains." -- www.moosehead

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