Governor candidate Q & A: Tribal government's role in Alaska

October 21, 2010 

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates in statewide elections their views on a variety of issues. We're posting their responses between now and Election Day.

Question: Describe the role you believe tribal governments should have in Alaska, and what the state's position in recognizing them/working with them should be.


Ethan Berkowitz


We need to move forward on the state's Millennium Agreement and ensure that we are in compliance with Alaska Supreme Court decisions on these issues.

Sean Parnell


Tribes can play an important role in partnership with the state for such things as alcohol and substance abuse services and for services for crime victims. However, the state opposes tribal courts assuming criminal jurisdiction where constitutional rights.

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William "Billy" S. Toien


I support local governance, and the less the State interferes, the better.

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