Angry Anchorage mom volunteers for shaming on 'Dr. Phil'

November 24, 2010 

Jessica Beagley and "Dr. Phil" McGraw

Regular viewers of the "Dr. Phil" show will remember last week's "Mommy Confessions" episode about angry -- some would say abusive -- parents. One of them was "Jessica," whose videotaped rages at her children were aired; some people in the studio audience were reduced to tears. Turns out that mom is Jessica Beagley of Anchorage, who's married to an APD officer. He's a former service member who admits using military disciplinary techniques on his young kids. The couple say one of their six children did the videotaping. The Anchorage Press phoned the Beagley household and got a quick "no comment."

From the Press:

The studio audience jeered Beagley for her unorthodox, and arguably cruel, child-rearing techniques. The audience watched video of Beagley disciplining a 7-year-old by washing the child's mouth with hot sauce while she screamed in the child's face. Then she bullied the child into a cold shower, and screamed some more.

It's difficult to watch an unhinged mother -- the hot sauce video is no exception to that rule -- and the Dr. Phil studio audience reacts with predictable outrage, gasping aloud at the video and jeering at Beagley while she's onstage. Beagley tells the audience they are entitled to their opinions. ... "That's why I'm here," Beagley says in the episode, as if 15 minutes of shame was exactly the type of therapy an out-of-control mother needs to prevent her from harming a child.

Read more at the Press. The Beagleys maintain a family website here.

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