Suspect tried to visit Alaska last summer

November 27, 2010 

The bomb-plot suspect arrested in Portland on Friday tried last summer to travel to Alaska, according to court documents.

Mohamed Osman Mohamud unsuccessfully attempted on June 14 to board a plane bound for Kodiak from Portland International Airport, an affidavit filed in the case says. This was after the FBI had begun surveillance on the 19-year-old in August 2009, according to news accounts.

An FBI agent's affidavit says that Mohamud was stopped from boarding the plane in Portland, though the document does not say who stopped him or why. Mohamud told FBI agents in an interview afterward that he had a fishing job lined up in Alaska and hoped to stay all summer.

During the interview, Mohamud said he had originally wanted to go to Yemen, and that he knew someone there, but had never gotten a ticket or a visa, according to the affidavit.

A spokeswoman for the FBI in Portland would not comment further on the attempted trip to Kodiak.

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