Fairbanks moose wearing rope necklace unfazed by Taser

February 15, 2011 

The moose that was pulled from the Chena River in January by snowmachiners has since then been wandering about Fairbanks wearing the rope used in the rescue around her neck. Fish and Game biologists recently tried and failed to stun the moose with a special wildlife Taser so they could remove the rope, reports the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

"We got a couple shots at her, but we couldn't get both probes to stick, probably because of her thick winter hair," said Fairbanks area biologist Don Young.

Biologist Tony Hollis was the trigger man. He shot the moose from 25 feet, the maximum distance for the Taser to be effective.

"We just could not get a good shot at 25 feet," Hollis said.

The moose "showed no reaction as if it had got shocked," he said. "It was more of a reaction to hearing the Taser go off - it sounds like a cap gun going off - and she took off."

The biologists determined the rope wasn't causing the moose -- which has a calf -- any trouble, so they've decided to leave her alone.

Read more at the News-Miner.

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