Anchorage entrepreneur sees value in Kenai salmon fishery waste

April 28, 2011 


For years, leftovers from the western Kenai Peninsula commercial salmon fishery -- heads, spines and guts -- have been dumped back into Cook Inlet after being ground up. An Anchorage-based company is hoping to put an end to the practice. Its president told The Redoubt Reporter he has contracts with three of the four major local processors to recycle their fish waste.

"With cattle, pork and chickens, they use every part of the animal for something, and we should be doing the same thing with salmon. We should be working toward full-utilization technology, and this is a step in that direction," said Patrick Simpson, president of Scientific Fishery Systems Inc., an Anchorage-based business that has leased space at Kenai Landing for the summer season as part of a two-fold project to reduce the impact of fish-waste disposal practices, while simultaneously creating economic value. ...

Simpson was in Kenai last week to oversee the assembly of the extraction equipment, leased from Alaska Marine Nutrition Co., which will be used to process the heads, primarily into human-grade fish oil for sale to nutritional supplementation markets in the Lower 48.

Water remaining after the salmon parts are processed will be discharged into the Kenai River, and solids will be frozen for sale to dog food makers. Simpson hopes to eventually expand into byproducts of non-salmon fisheries.

Read more at The Redoubt Reporter.

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