Valley woman attacked by moose says cellphone, troopers saved life

May 26, 2011 

A 65-year-old Valley athlete seriously injured in a moose attack Monday while she was pruning rosebushes says the fact that she always works outside with her cellphone in her pocket might have saved her life. Too badly hurt to move to her house, Caren della Cioppa phoned for help as the cow moose with two calves remained nearby, reports The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman. The cow attacked troopers when they arrived to help della Cioppa, and they shot it.

"She came out of nowhere and knocked me down as I was bending over with my clippers. I curled up in a fetal position and she came back around and stomped on my chest. She sounded like a freight train. She must have stomped on my head, too, because I have a hoof print on my forehead." ...

When troopers arrived at her Heidi Drive home a few minutes later, they found della Cioppa about 100 feet from her house on a trail she'd made around the perimeter of her two-and-a-half-acre property.

As troopers approached her to assess her condition, the cow charged again, jumping over her body to try to get to them, she said.

"I'm not sure how close she was when she jumped over me, but when they shot her she dropped about 10 feet away from me," she said. "I think they saved my life."

Della Cioppa, who suffered a broken collarbone and broken ribs, said it was the third time she'd been charged by a moose on her property but the first actual attack. The dead cow's calves are being bottle-fed by the Alaska Moose Federation.

Read more at The Frontiersman.

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