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May 28, 2011 

Ireland, with its rolling green hills, thatched-roof cottages, castles and fairy and druid lore, is a magical travel destination. Rising 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, the Cliffs of Moher are a breathtaking backdrop for many movies, including "The Princess Bride," where they were referred to as the "Cliffs of Insanity." One can envision Heathcliff and Catherine embracing on the edge, as the turbulent sea crashes against the rocks.

"Let us take you on an unforgettable journey through some of Ireland's most spectacular scenery as we visit many of Ireland's most famous pubs and some of Ireland's not so famous hard to find pubs... and experience Irish music, plenty of craic and home style cooking."

"Find quality B&B and Guest House lodgings in Dublin, Connemara, Kerry and throughout the rest of Ireland. We also list self-catering and farmhouse accommodation. You will find hundreds of quality Bed & Breakfasts and Guesthouses to make your stay a special one."

Our walking tours and vacations offer you a unique opportunity to discover our Celtic culture and lifestyle. Staying in one of our carefully chosen comfortable accommodations, enjoying wonderful food, walking in an awe-inspiring landscape, listening to traditional music and good company along the way."

"Our friendly and experienced tour leaders will take you through stunning scenery and along superb motorcycling roads, allowing you to enjoy the very best of the regions we visit. We plan the routes, arrange the accommodation and lead the way. You just turn up, enjoy the motorcycling and the 'Craic.'"

Trip Tracker is compiled by Joy Guest. Is there a vacation or excursion that interests you? Email or comment online at "I woke up one morning and had an impulse to take a bike vacation in Ireland... It was simply the best vacation we have ever had. I saw the most beautiful sites, heard the most beautiful music, visited with some of the most wonderful people on earth, all while getting some of the healthiest exercise my body has ever known." - Actor Mandy Patinkin

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