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June 11, 2011 

Summertime has officially hit the land of the midnight sun. Although we certainly have plenty of outdoor activities to keep ourselves busy during the next few months, summer sun can be a bit sketchy. And the beaches in Alaska don't exactly invite sunbathers and sand castle builders. Beach vacations are a great way to enjoy the sun and sand in a location that specializes in activities that will keep your entire family entertained from sunrise to sunset.

"Tour the natural wonders surrounded by salt marshes teeming with sea life and 12 miles of wide golden sand beaches on the Atlantic. This beautiful semitropical island, forested with palms, pines and moss-draped oaks, is also the permanent home to schools of dolphins you will see rising in the surf."

"Remember those lazy days of summer fun at the beach when you were a kid? The ice cream cone melting down your arm, mom smearing sunscreen on your nose, and you digging your way to China to make the biggest sandcastle ever; you can still enjoy those days in South Walton."

"Guests from all over come to the Cedar Point Beach for rest and relaxation. Eventually, rides and attractions were added to make the park what it is today! From rocking, rolling and rotating to being turned upside down, dropped suddenly or thrust upward at 50 mph, Cedar Point is a thrill-seeker's delight!"

"One of California's most treasured beachfront resorts for more than 75 years, the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club is a great San Diego tradition that still feels like a secret. Crafted in early California Hacienda style, our landmark oceanfront resort blends the charm of the past with the best in modern-day amenities and recreation."

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"Whether you're looking for a classic family week at the beach, 17 outstanding golf courses, world-famous sport fishing or a weekend getaway, OC delivers everything you desire. Check out our famous boardwalk, and our ten miles of glorious free beaches." --

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