Wasilla 'kill team' soldier once sought Palin's help for transfer

June 17, 2011 

Jeremy Morlock, the Washington-based soldier from Wasilla who has pleaded guilty to the murder of Afghan civilians, once sought help from then-Gov. Sarah Palin in getting an Army assignment closer to home. But Morlock, whose family was reportedly acquainted with the Palins, got only an electronically generated email response from the governor's office. Morlock's request was among the huge release of Palin emails last week and was first reported on by Alaska blogger Jesse Griffin.

Says the Tacoma News Tribune: [Palin] can't be linked in any way to the war crimes Morlock committed during patrols with Lewis-McChord's 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division. Still, the message represents another "what if" moment in considering the "kill team" courts-martial unfolding at the base this year.

Morlock's email read, in part ...

"I know you have known my family for some time and I think of you all as friends and you know my mother is now taking care of all the girls by herself while trying to keep a job," Morlock wrote. "I'm not asking for pity for my family or myself, I'm just asking if there is anything you could do to help me with my process of getting home to Alaska to help." ...

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