Creech, McDonald sprint to victories

June 23, 2011 

Willie Creech and John McDonald earned victories in the two-day sprint races last weekend at Capitol Speedway in Willow.

Creech won the 300-sprint division, and McDonald topped the 360-sprint division.

Capitol Speedway

In Willow

Last weekend's results

Stock class trophy dash -- 1) Guy Hamilton; 2) Howie Fox; 3) Warren Fyfe. Mini-stock class -- 1) Andy Schwochert; 2) Alex Schwochert; 3) Tommy Hubbard. 300 Sprints --1) Willie Creech; 2) James Colbert; 3) Aaron Creech. 360 Sprints -- 1) John McDonald; 2) Tyler McDonald; 3) Jeff Wallace. Mini-stock trophy dash -- 1) Andy Schwochert; 2) Alex Schwochert; 3) Tommy Hubbard. Stock class -- 1) John Clemmons; 2) Warren Fyfe; 3) Steven Brotzman.

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