Scooter Hackett named state fair's All Around Cowboy

TIEBREAKER: Brother edges brother based on total cash pocketed.

August 30, 2011 

PALMER -- Scooter Hackett earned the title of All Around Cowboy at the 2011 Alaska State Fair Rodeo, held Saturday and Sunday.

Hackett tied with his brother Kenny, each receiving 80 points. The tie was broken based on the amount of money won by each cowboy. Scooter Hackett won $702.00 and Kenny Hackett won $637.00.

The All Around Cowgirl title went to Callie Willis, who received 70 points.

The following are the individual competition results for the rodeo.


Bull Riding:

1st, Dalton Lewis, 73

2nd, Stephen Kitson, 72

3rd, Warren Simpson, 70

4th, Courtney Sacks, 51

Bareback Riding:

1st, Guy Treat Jr., (2 head) 115

2nd,Warren Simpson, (2 head) 113

3rd, Devon Malutin, (1 head) 61

4th, Tim Humphries, (1 head) 54

Saddle Bronc Riding:

1st, Sharky Eisenman, (2 head) 121

2nd, Dean Kitson, (2 head) 115

3rd, Scooter Hackett, (1 head) 51

Junior Bull Riding:

1st, Cody Meyer, (2 head) 132

2nd, Luke Sarks, (1 head) 63

TIMED EVENTS (in seconds)

Team Roping:

1st, Charlie Willis-Scooter Hackett, 9.82

2nd, Charlie Willis-Billy Rutherford, 15.24

3rd, Jake McGrane-Eli Reintsma, 25.67

4th, Danielle Warbington-Lisa Ferganchik, 26.83

Ribbon Roping:

1st, Jackie Rainwater-Kenny Hackett, 15.94

2nd, Callie Willis-Garrett Willis, 19.10

3rd, Danielle Warbington-Michael McCormick, 28.61

4th, James McCormick-Christian McCormick, 28.84

Double Mugging:

1st, Garrett Willis-Kenny Hackett, (2 head) 66.75

2nd, Stephen Primera-Frank Koloski, (2 head) 67.85

3rd, Scooter Hackett/Lonnie Feller, (1 head) 26.39

Ladies Breakaway Roping:

1st, Callie Willis, (2 head) 8.51

2nd, Danielle Warbington, (1 head) 10.05

3rd, Lisa Ferganchik, (1 head) 14.94

Ladies Barrel Racing:

1st, Shelly Bindon, 14.726

2nd, Mellissa Fowler, 14.855

3rd, Christian McCormick, 14.935

4th, Tonya Brewer, 14.935

In addition to the Saturday-Sunday rodeo, there was a Jackpot Rodeo held at the state fair last Friday, with the following results. All times are given in seconds and involved two runs, except as noted.

Barrel Racing:

1st, Mellissa Fowler, 28.257

2nd, Shelly Bindon, 28.323

3rd, Jake Fowler, 28.506

Ladies Breakaway Roping:

1st, Callie Willis, 9.89

2nd, Danielle Warbington, (1 run) 13.58

Team Roping:

1st, Danielle Warbington/Tyler Dawson, 38.50

2nd, Dan Voth/Scooter Hackett, 49.81

3rd, Charlie Willis/Tyler Dawson, 56.86

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