Chugiak administrator blamed for football error transferred

TRANSFER: Comeau says the error should not have happened.

Anchorage Daily NewsOctober 11, 2011 

The Chugiak High School assistant principal whose administrative error cost the school's football team three victories and a spot in the playoffs has been transferred to a non-administrative job at another high school, Anchorage School District superintendent Carol Comeau said Tuesday.

Kevin Theonnes will work with the in-school suspension program at one of the district's other high schools, Comeau said. He can apply to become a teacher next year if he desires, she said.

"I felt I had to make a statement that this is not acceptable," Comeau said. "It never should have happened."

The Chugiak football team had to forfeit three victories this season for using an ineligible player. The player lives in Chugiak but is enrolled in a home-school program run by the Galena City School District, which made him ineligible to participate in Anchorage School District activities.

Comeau said a look at the student's transcript made it obvious he was enrolled in the Galena program and therefore ineligible to participate in sports at Chugiak.

"It was very clear on the transcript that this was not an Anchorage student," she said.

In order for home-schooled students to participate in activities at an Anchorage public school, they must be enrolled in one of two programs that are part of the district -- the Family Partnership or Frontier charter schools -- to participate in activities.

About 800 students are enrolled in those two programs. A similar number of Anchorage kids are enrolled in the Galena district's popular IDEA charter program.

Comeau said she wrestled over moving Theonnes to a non-administrative position at another school, but decided the consequences of Theonnes' mistake demanded action.

David Little will take over as Chugiak's acting assistant principal for the rest of the school year, she said.

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