ADN Commenting Policy

January 23, 2012 

To our readers:

We welcome your comments, whatever your point of view. This note is simply a reminder that commenting on is a privilege and comes with responsibility. Everyone benefits from a civil conversation, which is why we require that you adhere to the following guidelines.

Make sure your comments are on topic, which means they directly address the subject of the story or blog on which you are posting. If you want to write about a completely different subject, consider writing a letter to the editor. Off-topic comments are deleted. Repeated off-topic comments will cause you to be blocked from all commenting.

Don’t insult or attack other commenters (disagree without being disagreeable). This can be a fine line, so we suggest you err on the side of caution. In addition to the usual name-calling, avoid terms like libtards, teabaggers, rethuglicans, etc. If you try to insult other commenters by name-calling, expect to be blocked from all commenting.

Similarly, try to offer substantive comments, not just name-calling or sloganeering. If you don’t really have something of substance or relevance to say, avoid the temptation to start typing anyway.

Avoid spamming (posting substantially the same comment more than once). If you post the same comment twice, we will delete all of them. If you do that repeatedly, you will be blocked from all commenting.

Avoid profanity. Anytime you find yourself using substitute keyboard symbols for letters, there’s a good chance you’re violating this rule. Also, avoid gratuitously graphic, offensive, imagery (bodily functions are one version of this).

Use the "abuse reporting" button if you see a comment that violates any of these rules. It will then be reviewed by our staff and we will deal with it accordingly. Remember, we spot-check comments (we don’t review them in advance), so we only see them after they’re posted. If you see a comment that violates these rules, it isn’t because we approved it. We just haven’t seen it yet. If you make comments that violate our guidelines, it may be minutes, hours or days before we see them, but if you ignore these rules, there is a 100 percent likelihood of you being barred from commenting. When a user is blocked, every comment he or she has made in the past 30 days disappears.