Arguments set in legislative redistricting case

Associated PressFebruary 9, 2012 

JUNEAU -- The Alaska Supreme Court plans to hear oral arguments March 13 in the lawsuit over the state's newly drawn political boundaries.

State court Judge Michael McConahy recently ruled that four House Districts are unconstitutional as drawn. House Districts 1, 2 and 38 are in the Fairbanks area, with 1 and 2 urban districts and 38 being parts urban and rural, stretching to the Bering Sea. House District 37 splits the Aleutian chain.

The plaintiffs are two Fairbanks-area residents.

The Alaska Redistricting Board is challenging the decision on Districts 37 and 38. Plaintiffs' attorney Michael Walleri said McConahy failed to recognize the dilution of voting rights in Fairbanks.

He plans to challenge McConahy's decision on District 6 and 38. He said McConahy also should have invalidated District 38 on equal protection grounds.

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