Who's up / Who's down

February 11, 2012 


EVEN -- D.C.-bound lawmakers: Reps. Chenault, Fairclough and others tilt against the ANWR opposition again. Nice junket, er, ah, mission on behalf of the state.

UP -- Arctic Power: As long as ANWR isn't open, this outfit continues to haves a job subsidized by the state. What's that about alignment of incentives?

UP -- Alaska air travelers: Congress keeps subsidies for highways in the sky. Good. It's a long walk to Crooked Creek.

DOWN -- Alaska moose: Heavy snow drives them smack into trains and traffic. No mercy.

UP -- Alaska moose: State OKs moose federation trails and feeding stations to keep them off the road and cut fatalities. Mercy.

UP -- Long-distance sled dogs: Booties, vests and now leggings. They're better protected than ever, but some of the males says those tights look a little girly. Think body armor, boys.

DOWN -- Sen. Charlie Huggins: Bid to make old Winchester 30.06 the Alaska firearm fires blanks. Too many different favorites in a well-armed state, Senator.

UP -- UAA, BP Exploration: Oil company bankrolls new lab at university to study pipe corrosion. Plenty of field work available, too.

DOWN -- Stevens case prosecutors: Justice may be blind, but judge says public should see details of what this crew did wrong.

DOWN -- Steve Menard: Wasilla voters pull him from council in recall election. What you do in Sitka doesn't stay in Sitka.

UP Southcentral Alaskans: See that light in the southern sky? It's the sun. And it's lingering longer.

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