Lane leads Alaskans at alpine ski competition

Anchorage Daily News / adn.comFebruary 21, 2012 

Jordan Lane, was the top Junior 2 skier from Alaska on Tuesday, placing 28th in a slalom on the last day of racing at the Wild West Classic alpine skiing competition in Jackson, Wyo. Lane's 28th-place finish was an improvement on her 39th-place finish in Monday's slalom, which also topped Alaskan competitors.

The races served as qualifiers for the national championships and the Junior 2 national championships.

Tuesday's slalom

Women -- 1) Kiley Staples (U.S. Ski Team), 1:36.02. Alaskan finishers -- 28) Jordan Lane, 1:47.58; 47) Aspen Sulte, 1:53.74; 58) Sarah Powell, 1:59.09.

Men -- 1) Adam Barwood (New Zealand), 1:44.70. Alaskan finishers -- 35) Nicholas Crews, 1:59.72.

Monday's slalom

Women -- 1) Kiley Staples (U.S. Ski Team), 1:33.05. Alaskan finishers -- 39) Jordan Lane, 1:47.69; 46) Sydney Henegan, 1:50.16; 63) Sarah Powell, 1:59.27.

Men -- 1) Seppi Stiegler (U.S. Ski Team), 1:44.40. Alaskan finishers -- 48) Dylan Fox, 2:02.32; 53) Nicholas Crews, 2:03.79.

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