Who's up / Who's down

March 2, 2012 

Iditarod begins


UP -- Two Su Valley women: Moms take the hits from riled- up moose to shield their kids when walks to the bus stop become dangerous encounters. Those bruises are badges.

DOWN -- Southcentral moose: Hungry and hurting, they've got more Alaskans on edge and packing. Nibble the trees and pass in peace.

DOWN -- Mark Fish: Big Lake blogger up for second term on rights commission quits after word spreads of his views on "radical feminists" and "Democrat operatives." Shoot, a man can't even blog his mind anymore.

DOWN -- Lege-gov relations: Gara and Doogan clash with Parnell over tax credit bill info. Gov says lawmakers should have come to him before speaking out. Sure. Prayer breakfast. With a side of oil taxes.

UP -- Mushers and fans: Sixty-six mushers and a thousand dogs do a turn for show Saturday, begin for keeps Sunday. Don't have to worry about lack of snow.

UP -- Iditarod dogs: Kennel cough vaccines mandatory for all, from lead to wheel. No wheezing over Rainy Pass.

EVEN -- Mayor's race: Honeman scores with campaign signs planted in neighborhood snow berms, but Mayor Dan still holds the bankroll and the high ground.

UP -- Bill Spencer, Vern Tejas: Men of the mountains join Alaska Sports Hall of Fame. Talk about setting a high bar.

DOWN -- Anchorage drivers: Gas prices cross that dreaded $4 line. How soon can we break out the bikes?

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