Puppy with slit throat rescued from Soldotna snowbank

March 8, 2012 

Donna Cotman of Soldotna with the puppy she's now calling Lucky.


His name is now Lucky. The terrier-like puppy left for dead in a Soldotna-area snowbank after having his throat cut now has a home and is healing from his near-fatal wound. So far, authorities haven't found out who dumped the badly bleeding dog, says The Redoubt Reporter.

[Donna] Cotman was out walking one of her dogs near her home off of Sport Lake [when] she saw another neighbor also walking his dog, and he seemed to be in distress.

"He was walking his dog when he noticed a blood trail, so he followed it and found a dog in bad shape," she said. "Knowing I was a school nurse, he called me over to help."

The blood trail led down to the end of a houseless cul-de-sac, and there, in a snowbank, lying in an even larger pool of blood, was a cold little dog.

"It appeared his throat had been slit," Cotman said. "The cut was long and clean like it had been done with a knife, and there was a lot of blood, so much blood. You could see the trachea, but it didn't go through it. I think that's how he was able to survive."

... The vet agreed it had been a deliberately inflicted wound, rather than an injury from the dog pulling against a collar, cable tether or something of the sort.

Since she brought the puppy home, Cotman says, he hasn't left her side. Read more at The Redoubt Reporter.

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