Highway-to-highway project pushed back, disappointing Fairview

March 23, 2012 

The long-dreamed-of and hugely expensive highway-to-highway connection through downtown Anchorage appears to have been pushed back for years in the new Metropolitan Transportation Plan, which comes up for an Assembly vote in April. The Fairview neighborhood is especially disappointed, community council chair SJ Klein tells the Anchorage Press.

"Basically they're saying you guys are screwed and on your own for 25 years," said SJ Klein, chair of the Fairview Community Council. ...

"There are all these [other] projects [including the Knik Arm bridge] in the MTP that would upgrade traffic until it gets to Fairview," Klein said, "and then it would come to a screeching halt because it's a pedestrian area with lots of stoplights."

The project would put traffic to and from downtown and the Glenn Highway below grade on a road covered in places by green spaces, bridges and pedestrian walkways. That would let Fairview residents, who have the lowest car-ownership rate in the city, more easily walk to businesses and elsewhere in their neighborhood.

Read more at the Anchorage Press: Fairview's dream deferred: Glenn-to-Seward project delayed

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