Who's up / Who's down

March 24, 2012 

DOWN -- Rep. Alan Dick: Remarks on a man's share of abortion decision go viral and women go ballistic. Stony River must look like sanctuary about now.

EVEN -- Film tax credit: Still has that Hollywood flash but House Finance Committee has farmed it out to a subcommittee. Rarely a good sign.

DOWN -- Exxon Valdez by any other name: Tanker that ran aground in the Sound now bound for breaking in India. No burial at sea.

DOWN -- Passengers of United Flight 857: Long trip to Shanghai becomes longer layover in Anchorage. Remember when air travel was glamorous?

EVEN -- Rep. Sharon Cissna: She sticks to her guns on TSA protest but pays the price with less mobility and constituent contact. Remember when air travel was easy?

DOWN -- Alaska Railroad: Too many moose on the tracks this winter and now a $30 million cut from Uncle Sam. Remember the ski train?

DOWN -- Alaska drivers: Price at the pump clears four bucks and likely to go higher. Remember 32 cents a gallon? Too young? How about $2.32?

UP -- Kodiak Launch Complex: Lockheed rockets rescue Alaska space program left for dead. To infinity and beyond, eh, Buzz?

UP -- Christopher Marshall: Artificial heart gives Wasilla man a fighting chance and a ticket out of the hospital while he waits for a transplant. May he live long and prosper.

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