Skiers await final run

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March 24, 2012 

Cami Cabana and Shaun Poirot are leaders in the Chugach Open alpine competition at Alyeska Resort, but will have to wait until Sunday to try to close out a victory.

Competitors in alpine, snowboard and telemark divisions completed two runs on Alyeska's headwall Friday, but inclement weather Saturday delayed the final run on the 1,000-foot vertical face until Sunday.

Cabana's 122 points gives her an 8.5-point lead over Allanah Rice in the women's alpine division. Poirot leads the men with 150 points, 11 ahead of Josh Randish.

Competitors are judged on five categories: line choice, fluidity, control, style-energy and form-technique.

Chugach Open

Alyeska Ski Resort

Friday's scores (two runs)

Junior Alpine -- 1) Chanc Deschamps Prescott, 150.5; 2) Hunter Keffalos, 119; 3) Stephen VanDen Hoogen, 101.5. Women's Alpine -- 1) Cami Cabana, 122; 2) Allanah Rice, 113.5; 3) Vesna Young, 81.5. Women's Snowboard -- 1) Kiana Putman, 93; 2) Sarah Taylor, 90.5; 3) K.T. Turner, 77. Men's Telemark -- 1) Ryan Davis, 119.5; 2) Alex Davidson, 91.75; 3) Krae Marxs, 55 points; Men's Alpine -- 1) Shaun Poirot, 150; 2) Josh Randich, 139; 3) Scott Rich, 131. Men's Snowboard -- 1) Carey Shiflea, 141; 2) Adam Billings, 129; 3) Daven Williams, 118.75.

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