No hoax: Recycling happens on the Kenai Peninsula

April 9, 2012 

There's talk of a government hoax on the Kenai Peninsula -- and this one's not about global warming. It's about those allegedly phony recycling collection bins. According to the Peninsula Clarion, the Peninsula borough is inviting people who have long been convinced that the Re-Group recycling program is a hoax to come in and examine its books, which show shipping expenses and revenue received for recyclable material.

[Re-Group member Jan] Wallace said residents might not want to believe the borough spends the time to gather and ship its recycling to a market in Anchorage because they might not want to feel obligated to participate.

"Psychologically if people believe something, then they don't have to be personally responsible," she said. "I don't know if that has a play in it, especially if they are not personally accepting of environmentalist activities, which I'm not sure how recycling falls under that but it seems to."

But Wallace says talk of a hoax isn't Re-Group's biggest problem. That would be just getting word out in the borough that there IS a recycling program, and it's been around for more than 20 years.

Read more at the Peninsula Clarion.

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