Sullivan plans review of APD in wake of Rollins conviction

Mayor cites issues of "sufficient oversight" and discipline

Anchorage Daily News / adn.comApril 9, 2012 

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan said Monday he plans to launch an external review of how the police department supervises and disciplines employees. The review is necessary, he said, in light of the conviction of former officer Anthony Rollins, found guilty of sexually assaulting women while on the job.

In a press announcement, Sullivan said the administration is in contract discussions with the International Association of Chiefs of Police to conduct the review.

"The charges and conviction of Anthony Rollins have brought into question whether there is sufficient oversight and timely and appropriate discipline within the organization," Sullivan said in the announcement.

The sexual assaults for which Rollins was convicted occurred in 2008 and 2009. But reports made public last month as part of civil lawsuits against the city by victims indicate his superiors and fellow officers were apparently aware that he was having sex while on the job years before the first rape victim came forward in April 2009.

In his announcement Monday, Sullivan praised the department's "quick and thorough action, and the cooperation of the victims" for leading to Rollins' arrest and conviction. "However, we do not want to miss an opportunity to further improve how we operate and continue to earn the trust of the public. The external review will help us accomplish this goal."

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