Spray-paint vandals target south-side homes, vehicles

Profanity and racial slurs were spray-painted on vehicles, homes and signs.

Anchorage Daily NewsApril 27, 2012 

Anchorage police say vandals spray-painted a dozen targets, including homes, vehicles and signs overnight and early Friday morning in South Anchorage's Kempton Hills subdivision.

The person or people sprayed messages, including profanity and racial slurs, in red and black paint, police said in a statement Friday morning. Black smiley faces were apparently a common theme among the vandals, who also tagged a marked patrol car and Grace Christian School, police said.

The school was the first to report the vandalism about 2:30 a.m., police said.

By noon, there was little sign of paint in the neighborhood, once known as "Arco Acres" for the oil-company employees who lived there.

Britt Wyatt helped his neighbor by wiping away the crudely drawn picture of a penis on her car's back window with a rag and mineral spirits. He then moved down Legacy Drive to clean words painted on the back of a post office box.

Wyatt said his sister told him about midnight that his gray Chevrolet Avalanche had been tagged with the words "in my colon."

"They got my truck, and that's kind of personal for me," Wyatt said. "I just got that truck."

The police car was parked down the street, and neighbors said it was painted with vulgar language directed toward the police officer. A woman named Ashley Shipley on Whaler Drive had a swastika on her car.

Police ask that anyone with information on the spray-painting spree call them at 786-8900 or call Crime Stoppers at 561-STOP.

Reach Casey Grove at casey.grove@adn.com or 257-4589.

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