Who's up / Who's down

April 27, 2012 

UP -- Alaska Senate Majority: Senators put oil-tax bill to the test, and the governor's men can't pass. Gov. pulls out. And the senators? They get to go home.

DOWN -- Gov. Sean Parnell: Gov doesn't have any more answers than his Revenue execs, so blames the Senate for asking. That won't play anywhere outside the Petroleum Club.

DOWN -- Speaker Mike Chenault: House leader sees his baby, the in-state gas line agency on steroids, die in the Senate -- and he's left presiding over a House with nothing to do after the Senate gavels out.

DOWN -- Bryan Butcher, Bruce Tangeman: They came to the Senate Resources Committee carrying the governor's water on oil taxes. Bucket empty.

EVEN -- Big three oil producers: Juneau drilling produces no gusher, but they're still making hundreds of millions on the North Slope. Enough to be meaningful.

EVEN -- Smaller oil producers: They saw plenty of meaning in Senate's 30 percent tax cut for new oil, then saw it fizzle out in the House. Maybe next year.

UP -- Alaskans' vocabulary: Hey, we've learned the real meaning of "meaningful" according to the governor and the major oil producers. In the context of tax cuts, meaningful means more. Lots more.

UP -- Nenana Ice Classic winners: Whoever they are, they'll share a record prize of $350,000. Monday, baby, when the river ran free...

UP -- Berry pickers: Study suggests blueberries and strawberries may delay memory loss. Another reason to harvest Alaska -- as if shortcake, cobbler and agudak weren't reason enough.

UP -- Alaska Moose Federation: More money coming from state even though they haven't moved a moose yet. Must be a government program.

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