Alyeska's 'go slow' area is marked for a reason

April 28, 2012 

Yesterday I enjoyed a bluebird day of spring skiing at Alyeska with three grandchildren ages 8 to 6 years. Great visibility, small midweek crowd, ideal conditions. All good except in a "go slow" area where a snowboarder flew into me and took me out.

The young lady, I guess in her early 20s, was very apologetic and concerned. After clearing my head and checking my body I skied down and ended my day. Then I thought of what I wish I'd said.

"Young lady we are in a "slow down" area, go slow. Lose the earpieces to your iPod and concentrate on your boarding. Pick your line and see what is ahead before firing off. At 180 pounds I was able to absorb the crash and get away with a cut nose and sore body parts. Had one of my 40- to 50-pound grandchildren got bowled over instead there would have been serious injury or even death."

I wish I'd said that.

-- Lloyd Morris


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