Mendevil, Valenzuela team to win state

May 6, 2012 

Jorge Mendevil and Carlos Valenzuela teamed to win the Alaska State Handball Association's State Doubles Tournament on Saturday at The Alaska Club Midtown.

Alaska State Handball Association

State Doubles Tournament

Open division -- 1) Jorge Mendevil/Carlos Valenzuela; 2) Brett Miller/Mike McRae; 3) Brandon Cuaresma/Jesse Keaveny.

A division -- 1) Mike Flisk/Chris Carpentier; 2) Jesse Keaveny/Kevin Bohan; 3) J.R. Lugo/Isidro Avila.

B division -- 1) Red Oaks/Cary Sycks; 2) Scott Norman/Tony Fisher; 3) Jim Arlington/Louis Rasic.

50 and older -- 1) Brett Miller/J.R. Lugo; 2) Sushil Wanigatunga/Mike Spillane; 3) Pat Crowley/Felix Martinez.

60 and older -- 1) Dave Knapp/Scott Dattan; 2) Mike Jordon/Steve Hamrick; 3) Rich Curtner/Terry Manning.

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