Who's up / Who's down

May 12, 2012 

The three-pawed grizzly was photographed near the Denali National Park entrance.


EVEN -- Anchorage gays: No on Prop. 5 but yes from the president. How do you score that split?

DOWN -- Jacqueline Duke: Only Ernie Hall's vote counted for her future as deputy city clerk, and she lost it.

UP -- Tripawed: Denali's three-footed grizz is alive and well and getting around. Who's going to write the first children's book about him?

DOWN -- Anchorage: Our fair city looks like a dump. Annual spring cleaning comes none too soon.

EVEN -- Daniel Hensley: Public-spirited retired judge will have nice payday (35 grand) for investigating the city election but, given the mess, he might have to earn it.

UP -- Great Alaska Shootout: The hoops heavyweights of old won't be coming back for Thanksgiving but national television coverage will. Walk a little taller at the Sully, boys.

UP -- Alaska moms: A toast and top of the morning to all of our mothers and a reminder to their families: "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

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