Dixiano admits killing; wife's corpse ID'd

Body of wife found, Anchorage man admits killing her with a bat.

Anchorage Daily NewsMay 22, 2012 

An Anchorage con artist who admitted last week to killing his wife in 2010 is cooperating with investigators in hopes of getting a lighter prison sentence, police said.

Police confirmed Tuesday that a body found May 11 in the Matanuska Valley is that of Angela Dixiano, who vanished in April 2010 after threatening to expose her husband's fraud scheme. The husband, William "Mike" Dixiano, told a detective where to find the remains, two years after he beat Angela to death at the couple's home, said the detective, John Foraker.

"I sat down with him at length and interviewed him, and the information he provided led to the discovery of Angela Dixano's body," Foraker said. "He said that he used a baseball bat."

Dixiano, 63, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and first-degree theft in court Friday.

Prosecutors say he bilked hundreds of thousands of dollars from a disabled man's inheritance, which had been set aside by the man's wealthy physicist parents before their deaths. He stole the man's house and left him living in a mobile home. In the meantime, Dixano amassed a small fleet of Chevrolet Corvettes, and bought other items, including a Miami Dolphins football helmet signed by quarterback Dan Marino.

When his wife made drunken blackmail threats, Dixiano had her placed in a psychiatric hold at a hospital, then killed her on about April 21, 2010, according to charging documents and police. He told her mother she'd died of cancer and had her body cremated, the mother told the Daily News.

Police reported Angela Dixano missing in late 2010, shortly before arresting her husband for fraud.

In his most recent interview with detectives, Dixiano said he beat her to death at their home and dumped the body off the Glenn Highway at Mile 86, near Long Lake, Foraker said. Homicide detectives discovered her bones in an open area, and a medical examiner used X-rays to identify the remains, the detective said.

According to a plea agreement, prosecutors will recommend that Dixiano spend 20 years behind bars for the murder for cooperating with the investigators. For the theft, prosecutors say Dixiano should serve three years. He also agrees to forfeit all items seized in the criminal investigation and pay restitution to be determined later.

His sentencing is set for August.

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