Who's up / Who's down

June 16, 2012 

UP -- Erik Salmon: Between Pisa, Palmer, Facebook and a drug bust, Alaska Eurotrekker gets his stolen touring bike back in Italy. He'll need more than one thank-you note.

EVEN -- Pat Higgins: School board member takes heat for calling it in from the Marshall Islands, but colleagues stand by him. Hey, it's distance learning.

UP -- Nikiski LNG plant: Gas exports on again, so demise of the old Kenai complex is, at the very least, delayed. You're up, you're down, you're up ...

UP -- Taquoka the bear: Kodiak orphan gets a new life in Sweden, a better fate than that of his escaped sister.

DOWN -- Bethel: Kusko hub city suffers cruel hoax of Taco Bell coming to town. May the hoaxsters have naught but old, cold burritos.

UP -- Bartlett High bear: Blackie gives biologists the slip. Didn't have a hall pass, but with a few tawny highlights could have been auditioning for school mascot.

DOWN -- Redistricting foes: Federal judge refuses to block new map and filings, leaves it to later reviews. Carry on, candidates.

UP -- Alaska specialty tours: After glaciers and bears, ghosts and brews. Or a sim truck trip from a TV tale. Step right up.

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