Joe Miller battles columnist over significance of lawsuit settlement

June 20, 2012 

After it was announced Tuesday that failed 2010 U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller and the Fairbanks North Star Borough had agreed to settle Miller's lawsuit over alleged leaks from his borough personnel file, Miller put out a press release saying the borough and former Mayor Jim Whitaker "admitted that they are liable" for the actions. The borough, however, called it an "offer of compromise" and said it continues to view Miller's suit as "without legal or factual merit."

Still, Miller wrote: The judgment itself of $5,000 is minimal. Nevertheless, this was never a case about money. Rather, this case was about getting at the truth and setting the record straight.

Nonsense, says Fairbanks Daily News-Miner columnist Dermot Cole in blog posts Tuesday and Wednesday.

The legalistic double talk cannot hide the most important fact -- he dropped the case for pocket change.

Miller wants to say that the amount of the judgment doesn't matter. Of course it matters. Five grand is not enough to pay for a single day of depositions.

The judgment came during a week in which Miller would have had to reveal how his legal bills are being paid and release a variety of other documents to the court.

Read more at Miller's website and Cole's News-Miner blog.

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