Sitka is no Skagway, Australian tourists complain

June 21, 2012 

Cruise ships line the quay in Skagway.


Six Australian tourists who signed up for an Inside Passage cruise they thought would take them to Skagway, rowdy jump-off point for the historic Klondike Gold Rush, never got past relatively sedate Sitka. They sued the travel agent and this week each won a $250 (Australian) judgment.

Now while Skagway markets itself as a town where "the sounds of barroom pianos and boomtown crowds ring out in the night," Sitka is renowned for scenic beauty, its history as a former Russian settlement, its cultural identity as a home to the Tlingit people, and its impressive Russian Orthodox church.

In short, it's completely different.

The tourists, though, were not impressed by anything in Sitka. They considered it a wasted day. They wanted to be in Skagway.

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