Earth functions on its own; fracking is far from natural

June 23, 2012 

This fracking craze in humanity's never-ending search for hydrocarbons has gone berserk. Where are the geologists and hydrologists? Squeezing shale rock with chemically laced water to purge it of its trapped natural gas is anything but natural. What is natural is for this liquid catalyst to be centrifugally spun by the rotating planet, filled with its "trapped" gas and all those synthetic toxins, toward the crust and into the already-pooling ground water. Does anyone seriously wonder why the kitchen sink can become an eternal flame?

How these so-called producers can get away with arguing that their shale-squeezing cannot be causing human ailments because their operations are occurring below the water table indicates to me that the desire of these inhuman ego-consumed, win-at-any-cost, socially regressive politicians are succeeding with their attack on public education, hence our voting majority.

-- John S. Sonin


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