Take steps and pass laws to eliminate election rubbish

June 23, 2012 

In "Greek Election Results: New Democracy Wins," Huffington Post (June 17), D. Nellas and E. Becatoros report, "New Democracy coming first with 29.6 percent," and "radical left Syriza party had 26.9 percent." These results are supposed to fix inconclusive results of the last election?

Imagine if this was an FDA drug trial! What do you think they would do if 29.6 percent were killed, 27 percent were helped and 43 percent had no change? It's garbage! Yet we allow the fate of "advanced democracies" to turn on such rubbish, in this Greek election and in the first election of George W. Bush in the United States.

We need to require scientific significance in order for election results to be accepted. We need a constitutional amendment to limit campaign contributions to be from live human beings. We need laws to limit amounts to $100 per person, per campaign, and to eliminate our Electoral College.

Let's take a lesson from Greece.

-- Daniel Russell


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